Separation & Divorce

Separation & Divorce Mediation

Steven Rosenberg believes that mediation is the only viable alternative to financially and emotionally debilitating courtroom battles. People who come to mediation are often attracted by the tremendous savings in time and money. While this advantage is not insignificant, the most critical advantage is the positive effect on the relationship of the parties after the divorce. Another critical advantage is that a mediated resolution is usually far superior and more durable to one imposed on people by the court.

Most people who use mediation are able to reach settlement. Because mediation works to reduce hostility and misunderstanding, even those who are angry or in high conflict can be successful. In fact, it is those situations in which mediation can be most effective. Any couple who has a good faith interest in settling their disputes, and the ability to speak up for their own needs and interests can mediate.

Mr. Rosenberg practiced family law for over 15 years. He is an Approved Consultant for the Academy of Family Mediators and one of six individuals selected by the American Arbitration Association to develop and serve on their first Family Law Mediation Panel in the United States.

Steven Rosenberg provided me with excellent mediation services in in a way that promoted an open fair way of dealing with issues of children and finances. His approach can maintain relationships.

Robert H., San Anselmo, CA