Civil Litigation

Mediation for Civil Litigation

With over thirty-five years of legal practice, including eighteen devoted to mediation, Steven Rosenberg has developed a reputation for understanding the legal issues parties face as well as the emotional needs of those involved in disputes ranging from business and real estate to family and probate matters. He is especially skilled in facilitating communications in emotionally charged situations. Because of his approach he is able to mediate a broad range of disputes including business, employment and real estate as well as family law and probate matters.

Steven Rosenberg is admitted to practice before The United States Supreme Court as well California, Hawaii, Iowa and The District of Columbia.

Steven Rosenberg is one of the few mediators who gets the big picture about how to resolve cases. He is firm and persuasive, without being offensive. Great mediators must have a deep understanding of the business, legal, and human aspects of the case. Mr. Rosenberg has that and can adopt his style and approach for maximum success.

Shahrad Milanfar, Emeryville, CA