Business and Commercial

Business & Commercial

The goal is to empower people to fashion their own solutions without the emotional damage, delay and financial burden which are often a part of litigation. Steven Rosenberg frequently intervenes and resolves conflict before the situation has damaged the organization or worse – deteriorated into litigation.

Mediation and facilitation is an effective alternative to the often counter-productive legal system. By focusing on the parties real interests at the core of the conflict business people can resolve their conflicts and move forward. If skillfully supported individuals can listen empathetically to each other and understand and focus on the cause of the conflict and each others’ needs. This is the best was to find resolution to conflict without a loss of dignity or a compromise of the individuals real interests.

Steven Rosenberg is committed to helping businesses resolve disputes quickly, ethically, and economically.

Steve’s skills begin with patience that allows the attorneys and clients to explain the case without interruption or judgment. His many years as a practicing attorney give him a breadth of knowledge, expertise and practical experience that he draws upon to flesh out what is important to resolution. He is able, when appropriate, to challenge assumptions, opinions, and pre-conceptions, without compromising his neutrality. Throughout, he maintains a positive attitude that refuses to accept an impasse.

Sam Barnum Esq., San Rafael, CA