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What Clients Say About Steven Rosenberg

Here's some of what clients are saying about Steven Rosenberg mediation services.

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I have had personal experience with Steve in two construction defect cases. Steve’s strengths include a practiced and conscious patience that permits the attorney and client to explain their case without interruption or judgmental consequence. Throughout the process, Steve displayed an ability to listen that demonstrated his respect for the parties. His sense of humor softens even the most strident advocate and eases the tension and narrows the gap in perception by the common bond of shared laughter. When Steve engages in reality-testing, it is judiciously and tactfully employed and always respectful of those to whom it is directed.
Samuel F. Barnum, Esq. San Rafael

Given the one hundred and eighty degree divergent legal theories propounded by the parties, in this personal injury case, it seemed certain that the case was destined for hundreds of thousands of dollars in discovery costs and expert witnesses and a long, grueling, acrimonious trial. Thanks to your professionalism, experience and expertise, the case was settled for just under two million dollars."
Richard. C. Bennett, Bennett, Johnson & Galler, Oakland

I am sending this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service that we received during our mediation. You assisted us with a case that was very sensitive, and facilitated us towards what I consider to be a win-win outcome. I believe that all parties walked away with a greater understanding and respect for each other, thanks to your knowledge, expertise and compassion.
Sharon Hymes-Offord, Contra Costa County Assistant Risk Manager, Martinez

The matter involved a debilitating and permanent personal injury claim and the parties presented at Mediation in excess of $3.5 million dollars apart. Mr. Rosenberg performed an extremely capable job of defusing personal animosity between both the party plaintiff and the corporate defendant, as well as between counsel. At the end of a very long day of mediation, Mr. Rosenberg was able to complete a settlement that none of the parties would have thought possible."
Michael L. Kelly, Kirtland & Packard, LLP, Los Angeles

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Mediation for Civil Litigation

With over thirty-five years of legal practice, including eighteen devoted to mediation, Steven Rosenberg has developed a reputation for understanding the legal issues parties face as well as the emotional needs of those involved in disputes ranging from business and real estate to family and probate matters. He is especially skilled in facilitating communications in emotionally charged situations. Because of his approach he is able to mediate a broad range of disputes including business, employment and real estate as well as family law and probate matters.

Steven Rosenberg is admitted to practice before The United States Supreme Court as well California, Hawaii, Iowa and The District of Columbia.

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