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What Clients Say About Steven Rosenberg

Here's some of what clients are saying about Steven Rosenberg mediation services.

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Steven Rosenberg recently tackled two of our most difficult cases and settled both. These cases were mired in economic and emotional gridlock. Mr. Rosenberg has three talents in abundance. He is quick of mind and communicates realistic signals. He inspires trust, and thus improves communication. He has a steady and good sense of humor.
Thomas W. Cain, Esq., Walnut Creek

"Kudos again for your creative and successful approach to our recent conservatorship mediation. This was a case involving deep emotions and a grievously divided family and you seem to have brought them together after years of bickering, violence and bitterness. I feared being in the same room with all of the warring factions but you were able to bridge the gaps from the beginning and achieved exactly the resolution that was desired."
Richard M. Grabstein, Orme and Grabstein, San Francisco

I would like to commend you for the excellent job you did in resolving what appeared to be an intractable dispute involving the administration of a family trust. The matter was complicated by the fact that emotion, more than reason, was fueling the conflict. I was very pessimistic about the possibility of resolving the matter and fully expected that the remainder of trust assets would be exhausted before the litigation was over. You were extremely patient and skillful at listening to the both sides of the story and discerning some common ground upon which to construct a settlement."
Polly Levin, Stephen W. Dale & Associates., Walnut Creek

Steven Rosenberg performed as a mediator in contested probate litigation in which I represented one of the parties. The matter involved significant emotional issues for each of the parties concerned. Steven Rosenberg very effectively got the parties to articulate their emotional concerns and communicate their positions to each other. Once those concerns were manifest a resolution agreed to by all parties became available and the mediation was a success.
Edward Napier Thompson, Attorney

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Probate, Guardianship and Conservatorship Mediation

The skill and insight of an experienced mediator can bring a successful resolution far earlier and at less expense than other approaches to dispute resolution. More important, mediation improves the chances of preserving or even restoring the family relationship rather than destroying it. Often the future of the family hinges on how these issues are resolved. Approaching these disputes in a cooperative mediation process is more likely to produce a positive result for the family than the adversarial system. It is really the only forum with the potential to address the emotional issues that are usually at the core of the conflict.

People not only appreciate the quick and economical resolution to their dispute through mediation, but are especially appreciative that they have been sparred the cost, stress and anxiety of litigation.

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