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What Clients Say About Steven Rosenberg

Here's some of what clients are saying about Steven Rosenberg mediation services.

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On two recent occasions, Steven Rosenberg served as mediator. Each involved difficult legal issues, and perhaps more important, divergent and emotional parties to the litigation. On each occasion, Mr. Rosenberg mediated these matters to settlement. He exhibited a trustworthy demeanor, leading my clients and opposing parties to “come to the table” with open minds.Steven Rosenberg used subtle strength to achieve the ultimate goal. I have participated in many mediations as a civil litigator, and I must say that Mr. Rosenberg ranks among the best."
Gary Nadler, Hirschfield & Nadler, Petaluma

Thank you for your skilled assistance in facilitation the settlement. I must admit that I did not expect that the case could be settled at an early stage in the litigation and before the parties spent a considerable amount of time and money “establishing” their respective positions.Both your knowledge of the legal issues coupled with your ability to communicate and explain the impracticality of litigation to the principals were critical to the success of the mediation.
Scott M. Phillips, Flynn & Phillips, San Rafael

I recently submitted to Mr. Rosenberg for mediation a civil dispute over a boundary between two neighbors. Mr. Rosenberg worked long and hard well into the evening, and somehow pulled both sides together to reach an agreement.I was quite impressed with Mr. Rosenberg’s ability to maintain his calm, even when I at one point was ready to call it quits. Mr. Rosenberg’s professionalism and diligence was what settled our case.
Brian J. Purtill, Esq., Santa Rosa

This was an unusual lease dispute. There was difficulty in predicting a damage outcome and some emotional dynamics. You were sensitive to theneeds of the parties to be heard and kept the discussions on track even when an impasse seemed likely."
Jeffrey Shopoff, Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmara LLP, San Francisco

Steven Rosenberg acted as mediator in connection with an easement dispute, in which this firm represented the defendant.The dispute was particularly volatile and contentious, and had been ongoing for a number of years prior to mediation.Mr. Rosenberg was able to successfully resolve the case.We found him to be professional in his management of the mediation session, sensitive to the needs of the parties and helpful in creating a workable solution."
Terry S. Sterling, Spaulding McCullough & Tansil, Santa Rosa

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Real Estate Mediation Services

Mediation of Real Estate Disputes allows people to resolve their differences often without compromising their basic interests. It provides a resolution at a fraction of the financial and emotional cost of traditional litigation.

Most real estate contracts require mediation before commencing litigation. Commencing mediation in a real estate dispute at the earliest opportunity often renders the dispute easier to resolve and can preserve future relationships.

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