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What Clients Say About Steven Rosenberg

Here's some of what clients are saying about Steven Rosenberg mediation services.

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As a professional mediator myself, I thought Mr. Rosenberg's performance as mediator was excellent. With a less thoughtful, sensitive and well-trained mediator, the mediation would not have succeeded, and extremely adversarial and acerbic litigation would have resulted. I was especially impressed by Mr. Rosenberg's ability to transform the discussion from a negative one of claims and defenses to a positive one of possible solutions to the group's collective problem. I would not hesitate to recommend Steven Rosenberg as a mediator to anyone.
Donald J. Black, Attorney

This letter is to inform you that the settlement reached (in mediation) was funded. This case involved complex issues of law and fact because it was a workers compensation case in civil court. The case was most difficult to resolve because the defendant was uninsured and extremely reluctant to part with personal funds. I was extremely impressed that you were able to obtain a settlement. In fact, prior to the mediation I felt that our chances of settling were close to zero."
Jonathan Brand, Esq., Concord

I am writing to thank you for your assistance in mediating a matter in which I represented one of the many defendants. I appreciated your active involvement in the process and your innovative suggestions in resolving the dispute. Your ability to keep the parties “on track” was essential to resolving what would have been a costly litigation for everyone involved.
Richard H. Poulson, Filice Brown Eassa & McLeod, Oakland

Thank you so much for the part you played in settling the issues between my partners and me. I was convinced that this case could not be mediated and would end up in arbitration, but thanks to your skills, it did not.
Joelle Edler, The Right Move Group, San Francisco

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Business & Commercial

The goal is to empower people to fashion their own solutions without the emotional damage, delay and financial burden which are often a part of litigation. Steven Rosenberg frequently intervenes and resolves conflict before the situation has damaged the organization or worse - deteriorated into litigation.

Mediation and facilitation is an effective alternative to the often counter-productive legal system. By focusing on the parties real interests at the core of the conflict business people can resolve their conflicts and move forward. If skillfully supported individuals can listen empathetically to each other and understand and focus on the cause of the conflict and each others’ needs. This is the best was to find resolution to conflict without a loss of dignity or a compromise of the individuals real interests.

Steven Rosenberg is committed to helping businesses resolve disputes quickly, ethically, and economically.

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