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What Clients Say About Steven Rosenberg

Here's some of what clients are saying about Steven Rosenberg mediation services.

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We engaged Steven Rosenberg in July of 1996. From the initial phone call for help, Mr. Rosenberg conveyed a sincere and professional desire to help us move from moral paralysis to hopeful relief and functionality. We are an intimate, 5 person office and needless to say we were not familiar with mediation techniques. We spent 10 hours in a full day session with our employer and 4 staff members. Mr. Rosenberg helped us all to create a protected working space where we were able to articulate our emotional and business agenda without fear. We began to build a firm foundation that day. My opinion is that any and all companies should engage in healthful, creative mediation to solve problems that are a psychic and financial drain."
Hyacin Rosser-Wolff, Inner Peace Music, San Anselmo

Thank you for all of your efforts at the mediation which results in a settlement. given the nature of this employment dispute, I was not hopeful that a settlement could be reached. You are a very skilled mediator, and my client, who was formerly a practicing attorney, was very impressed with your ability to focus on the key issues, which resulted in the settlement.  Thanks again, and I hope you have a great summer.
Robert S. Jaret, Jaret & Jaret, Attorneys at Law

I highly recommend Steven Rosenberg as a mediator. He is very knowledgeable regarding the mediation process. He is also very respectful of the role of the client in the mediation process and takes great strides to include the client in the process in a very constructive manner. He takes the time to learn the facts presented to him in advance of the mediation, and is prepared to discuss them."
David King, Esq., San Francisco

Mr. Rosenberg served as a mediator in an employment discrimination lawsuit in which I represented the defendant. I was impressed with Mr. Rosenberg’s professionalism and the courtesy with which he treated both parties. His non-confrontational, low-key approach resulted in a very favorable settlement for my client. I look forward to utilizing Mr. Rosenberg again when the need arises."
Denise M. McGorrin, Faustman, Carton, DiSante & Freudenberger, San Francisco

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Workplace, Employment and Organizational

Cost-Effective Resolution of Workplace Disputes

Conflict in the workplace can be a significant drain on personnel and financial resources for business. If not resolved satisfactorily, conflict can disrupt teamwork, reduce productivity, and divert a company's focus from its mission.

Steven Rosenberg has helped progressive companies explore new strategies to manage and resolve workplace conflicts rather than resort to litigation. He can help design and implement an Internal Conflict Management Program that works for you. 

Research shows that both employees and supervisors experience a high degree of satisfaction through mediation or facilitation of their workplace disputes. This provides long term benefits for their effective working relationship. It can prevent future conflict by improving communication and building relationships based on mutual respect
Mediation is a non-coercive, neutral facilitated negotiation and is the cornerstone of conflict management. In mediation employees have an opportunity to speak directly with each other in an informal, productive atmosphere to develop a mutually satisfying resolution.

In addition to providing mediation services, Mr. Rosenberg trains and coaches employees and management in mediation, negotiation and conflict management skills as part of conflict resolution systems development services. Mr. Rosenberg was a member of the training design project funded by the Hewlett Foundation for the development of training resources for the U.S. Postal Service. This work formed the basis for the successful Postal Service (REDRESS) mediation program, for which Mr. Rosenberg was a lead trainer.

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