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Sandra D. Marin

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April 8, 1995

Mediation Offices of Steve Rosenberg
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Dear Steve:

I wanted to express my greatest appreciation for the Mediation Program you conducted in March.

As former general counsel of several high-technology companies and as a participant in many mediation, I have been exposed to some fair and some outstanding mediators. And I must say that the classes you conducted would fall in the latter category.

I understand the folly of the litigation system and the rewards of the mediation path. But I was uncertain that I would be able to become an outstanding mediator given my lack of expertise in litigation or private practice.

After attending your intensive seminar, I am now quite confident that I too can become an excellent mediator. You have given me the skills and experience I could not have obtained on my own.

Your personal character and style helped demonstrated the advantages and techniques required to be an excellent mediator. The substantive information combined with humor made the class not only informative but also enjoyable. I was especially impressed with the roleplaying exercises and hands-on approach to learning.

In addition, your personal ethics and approach were refreshing and appreciated by me and the other members of the class as well.

I certainly consider you to be an advanced advocate of the mediation profession and will highly recommend your seminar to anyone interested in learning about mediation or entering the mediation profession.

I also enjoyed the guest lecturers you included in the class which offered varying techniques and style. Your classes addressed a range of mediation practice from family disputes to civil and commercial litigation.

Thank you again for the time and energy you put into the class and the invaluable support you gave to each of us.

Very truly yours,

Sandra D. Marin
Advisory Counsel to Autodesk, Inc.

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