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July 24, 1995



Steven Rosenberg, Esq.
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Re: Mediation Training - July 20 - July 22, 1995

Dear Steve:

Rather than filing out the seminar evaluation, I thought I would pass on some of my comments by way of this letter.

For your information, as with many of the other people that attended the training session, I have settled hundreds of cases, some involving many millions of dollars. Therefore, I started out somewhat disgruntled, believing that training for an experienced volunteer seemed unnecessary. I must say that my position completely turned around shortly into the training session. I found it to be extremely helpful. I enjoyed your energetic and enthusiastic approach to the subject matter.

I think the written materials were appropriate. Many times in conferences, it seems that people do their best to "overload" people with written materials which the participants ignore in the future, whereas I have already referred to materials you have provided me.

I found that assistant trainers, at least the ones that sat in my group, to be very helpful and enthusiastic for the subject matter and a pleasure to be with. Their comments were always constructive and positive.

With respect to improving the program, the only suggestion that I would have would be some clarification regarding the bankruptcy hypothetical that you utilized. It was not clear to the participants that Dr. Robertson had assets other than exempt assets. I think some of the handouts state that he did, but others did mention it. At least in our group, it was never clear as to what McIntyre, Wilson, etc. would received even if they did not prosecute their nondischargeability complaint. I think that, at least for bankruptcy people, such a hypothetical is somewhat confusing, although we still managed to mediate and go through the "process" with people making up facts as they needed them.

With respect to what I enjoyed most about the program, I enjoyed the combination of theory and practice. I think you had just the right mix of the tow. We would listen to the lectures and then be able to immediate apply the techniques that we were trying to learn.

I think the thing that I enjoyed least about the program was that there were not enough Diet Cokes.

I think you should be congratulated on the program and your presentation. I think your mix of having third parties come in for limited purposes also breaks up the program and maintains everyone's interest. I think, in general, you should assume that the crowd that you had is a very difficult one to please, yet all the people that I spoke with were as enthusiastic as I was regarding the presentation.

Many thanks for your helpful and informative program.

Very truly yours,

Michael A. Isaacs

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