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April 15, 1997

Steven Rosenberg
Shelter Point Business Center
591 Redwood Highway, Suite 2275
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Dear Steve:

It has been more than a month since I finished your mediation training. I still find myself thinking about the course and the techniques discussed and practiced. I was very pleasantly surprised with the entire program. I do not consider myself the "touchy feely" type, and was thoroughly prepared not to like mediation training. I found, however, that my exit attitude was far better than my entrance attitude. The course was entertaining and enjoyable, something essential for a 40 hour endeavor (I didn't mind attending on Saturdays).

I learned a great deal, not only about the process and how to properly conduct a mediation, but also on the role of mediation with respect to the various ADR options. I look forward to using what I learned in my next mediation either as the mediator or representing a participant. I give your course my highest recommendation.

Very truly yours and thank you,

Keith Howard

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