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August 8, 1997

Steve Rosenberg,
Esq. 591 Redwood Highway,
Suite 2275 Mill Valley, CA 94941

Dear Steve:

I write to thank you for the teaching you have done at the University of San Francisco and your many contributions to the development and improved practice of mediation. You have been a very positive influence in the professional life of many young people learning to be lawyers and of many lawyers altering their role from advocate to mediator.

In addition to co-teaching a mediation course with you here at the Law School, I have had occasion to observe your teaching effectiveness in our mediation trainings for Argentine lawyers and continuing education programs. I have been impressed with your rare combination of enthusiasm, intelligence, practice-based experience and ability to communicate in a memorable and entertaining way. You are a masterful teacher and have been a great mentor to many.

I am grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge and vision of effective dispute resolution. By offering quality mediation training to existing lawyers, you are helping to constructively transform the practice of law. Through your devoted teaching of ADR in law school classes, you are helping to prepare the next generation of lawyers to better serve the dispute resolution needs of their clients.

In short, you are terrific.


Jay Folberg, Dean

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